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New Jersey Restaurant And Hospitality Lawyer

New Jersey Restaurant And Hospitality Lawyer

Are you a chef or cook with plenty of experience in the trenches and ready to start your own project?  Already have a successful first restaurant and want to expand but it is a one-person show, and you don’t have the help you need to plan and execute strategically?  Or maybe you just want to take your restaurant operations, compensation, and management systems to the next level?

Now more than ever, operators and chefs need to expand their toolboxes and integrate knowledge across legal issues, business strategy, digital marketing, branding, finance, and operations.

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The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated long simmering problems in the restaurant and hospitality industries and unleashed wide ranging destruction on our lives and livelihoods, and restaurants.  The future of restaurants, particularly independent restaurants present an opportunity to create and work in profitable, sustainable, businesses that provide financially and professionally rewarding careers for their owners and workers.

As we all know businesses in these industries fail at a higher rate than those in just about any other area, because operators and professionals often lack the necessary knowledge and skills to overcome complex operational and legal issues without help.  And that was the case before the pandemic.

Whether you are looking to start a new restaurant or hospitality business venture, strengthen an existing one, or navigate through a licensing or legal dispute, seeking help from a New Jersey hospitality lawyer could be key to protecting your personal and professional best interests. With guidance from an attorney experienced in restaurant operations, you could rest assured that your business—and its prospects—are in qualified and dependable hands.

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Assistance with Starting
a New Business

Deciding to create a business in the hospitality industry should be an exciting new chapter in the founder’s life.  There is an extensive amount of research, due diligence, risk management, and planning to do, in advance if they want to give their business the best possible chance at success. In addition to determining what organizational approach would best serve their intentions and interests, an attorney in the area could help individuals who want to enter the hospitality industry review local zoning ordinances, form a business plan, manage risk, secure the right insurance, negotiate a lease for the property their business will occupy, and acquire necessary food, beverage and alcohol licenses.

Contracts for New Hospitality Businesses-Management/Employment Agreements

A familiarity with contract law is essential, especially if a business owner intends to enter into a franchise agreement with a larger company, enter into a management or operating agreement with a hotel, utilize existing trademarks, or ensure that their own intellectual property such as recipes are protected with trademark law. On top of that, compliance with local, state, and federal labor laws can be deceptively complex depending on the nature of the business and the types of employees a business will need to hire for.

Raising Capital for Business Ventures

Perhaps most importantly, a prospective business owner may need to raise a significant amount of investment capital to cover the costs of opening and establishing their new venture, which can be extraordinarily challenging in many situations. However, assistance from a skilled attorney in New Jersey could be key to handling all these multifaceted hospitality issues effectively and efficiently.

Assistance with Starting<BR>a New Business

Addressing Issues with Business Operations

Representation from a knowledgeable lawyer may also be helpful after a business in the New Jersey hospitality industry has been operating for years. The following issues may be easier to manage with the assistance of a seasoned legal professional: 

  • Establish a metrics system to track all costs and analyze sales, guest, and profit and loss information.  Use to leverage digital marketing campaigns;
  • Implement living wage compensation, benefits, and bonus incentives for hourly workers in order to build and retain staff and align their compensation incentives with those of the restaurant;
  • Establishing licensing and/or operating agreements to protect and expand your brand;
  • Asset purchases to expand your operations;
  • Restaurant HR, employment, and ethics systems to protect you and your staff and support a healthy, professional culture.

Even during daily business operations, having professional legal and strategic guidance could facilitate a more efficient, productive, and sustainable working environment.

Seek Help from a New Jersey Hospitality Attorney

No matter what type of business you want to open, entering the restaurant and hospitality industry can be a procedurally complicated and work-intensive endeavor with a high chance of default and failure. Fortunately, support from a legal and operations professional with years of experience helping business owners will help ensure you can handle the problems your business encounters.

A New Jersey hospitality lawyer could answer questions and discuss specific legal options during a private consultation. Schedule yours by calling today.

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