Receiving a traffic ticket may be only a minor annoyance for some. For others, the prospect of receiving more points on one’s license or paying heavy fines can seem daunting. It is important to remember that any alleged traffic violation offers drivers the opportunity to contest the ticket in court. This could result in an acquittal or a reduction in the severity of the offense. A positive outcome such as this could protect your finances as well as your ability to continue driving.

A Hackensack traffic lawyer could help you to evaluate your legal rights and contest a ticket in court. An experienced defense attorney can promptly follow the specific court’s rules for requesting a hearing, gather evidence that bolsters your case, and appear in person to make arguments on your behalf.

Why Contesting a Traffic Ticket May be the Best Option

People who receive a traffic ticket have two choices. They may plead guilty to the offense and accept the legally mandated punishment, which often includes fines and points on a driver’s license. If a person accumulates 12 or more points on their license, the court will suspend the driver’s license. In addition, receiving six or more points over three years results in the mandatory payment of surcharges to the State.

The other option is to request a hearing in court. This offers a driver the opportunity to argue for a reduced penalty or even an outright acquittal. This may be the best choice if the fines associated with the ticket are beyond one’s means or if a conviction will result in a mandatory license suspension. Entering a not-guilty plea gives individuals the chance to avoid these penalties. A seasoned attorney could provide more information about the penalties associated with traffic tickets in Hackensack and provide guidance for a driver facing fines.

What is Involved in Contesting a Ticket?

In some locations, it may be possible to request a hearing online. In others, a party must mail the ticket back to the court to contest a ticket. Still, others require a person to appear in court at a specified time to enter a not-guilty plea.

At the hearing, the prosecutor bears the burden of proving that a driver violated the law. For example, New Jersey Revised Statute § 39:4-98 outlines the speed limits that apply to many of the State’s roads. A prosecutor must prove that a driver violated those limits beyond a reasonable doubt.

Their evidence may include a police officer’s testimony, radar gun readings, and traffic camera footage. A lawyer in Hackensack could help question the efficacy of this evidence and present other evidence on a driver’s behalf in an attempt to create reasonable doubt in a traffic case.

Contact a Hackensack Traffic Attorney Immediately

All drivers who receive a ticket that alleges a moving violation have the right to request a formal hearing in court. That hearing takes on the form of a miniature trial where a prosecutor must prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. You also have the chance to cross-examine witnesses and present evidence of your own.

A Hackensack traffic lawyer is ready to fight for you and your right to continue driving. They can quickly identify the procedure for requesting a formal hearing, submit all necessary paperwork to the court, and appear in person to argue the case before a judge. Reach out to them today, as the time to enter a not guilty plea may be running out.