Allegations involving apparent robbery are the most serious versions of theft in the state’s criminal code. Because prosecutors and courts take these charges so seriously, it is important to be able to fight back aggressively against robbery accusations in court.

If you are facing charges of this nature, do not wait to get in touch with a Hackensack robbery lawyer. A skilled attorney could work to explain the state’s robbery laws, perform an independent investigation into the incident, and aim to create reasonable doubt about the incident that leads a jury to issue an acquittal.

How the State Defines Robbery

Robberies are examples of theft. However, unlike common theft cases, these involve a supposed violent act of the defendant. According to New Jersey Revised Statute § 2C:15-1, a robbery is a theft that includes a defendant’s:

  • Use of force against the alleged victim,
  • Threatening of the alleged victim that places that party in fear of harm, or
  • Commission or threatened commission of any crime of the second or first degree

Robberies in Hackensack and elsewhere in the state are felony-level offenses. This means that a conviction can result in a prison sentence of at least one year. In fact, state law defines a simple robbery as a second-degree crime. The resulting possible prison sentence will range in length from five to ten years and fines of up to $150,000. Robberies can also be first-degree crimes. Prosecutors can pursue these charges if they believe that a defendant threatens to kill someone, inflicts serious bodily injury, or uses a deadly weapon in the furtherance of the crime. Sentences for a second-degree robbery offense can bring prison terms from between ten to 20 years. A Hackensack robbery attorney could help an individual understand the specific charges they are facing as well as the potential consequences of a conviction.

Defending Against Robbery Charges

Every person facing robbery allegations needs to act quickly to protect themselves. Always remember that the prosecutor bears the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial. An acquittal could potentially be the product of little more than casting doubt upon the prosecutor’s case.

A Hackensack robbery attorney could take the lead in this process. Their help can begin while a person is still in police custody to retain control over interrogations or lineups. At early court sessions such as arraignments, a lawyer could argue for fair bail terms or that evidence should not appear at a trial. An attorney could also present evidence at trials and cross-examines witnesses to create doubt in the minds of jurors. In short, an attorney fights to protect the Constitutional rights of defendants while discovering flaws in the cases of prosecutors.

Reach Out to a Hackensack Robbery Attorney Today

Robbery accusations are not something to be taken lightly. Every robbery charge comes with a mandatory minimum prison sentence of at least five years. The most serious charges could see sentences of 20 years.

Hiring a Hackensack robbery lawyer to handle your case could help to reduce the chances of this outcome. An attorney works to explain the laws that control your case, discover evidence that helps to demonstrate your innocence, and fights to protect your rights while in police custody and before the court. Contact our office today to get started.