Allegations involving theft can take on many forms. At the most basic, these charges involve taking property that is not one’s own. However, they may also involve the knowing receipt of stolen property or even taking steps towards taking items through shoplifting.

It is vital to protect your legal rights and freedoms with a dedicated defense attorney in any situation involving an arrest. A conviction for even a seemingly minor theft offense will create a criminal record and may result in a jail sentence. More serious allegations are felonies that may result in a multiple-year prison term. A Hackensack theft lawyer may be able to help you to avoid this outcome by investigating the incident, questioning the effectiveness of the prosecutor’s evidence, and protecting your rights along the way.

Theft Laws in Hackensack

Many of the laws that prohibit theft in Hackensack are straightforward. For example, New Jersey Revised Statute § 2C:20-3 dictates that it is against the law for a person to take possession of the property of another with the intent to deprive the owner of the use of that property. Theft by taking can be as simple as borrowing an item from a neighbor but never returning it.

Theft allegations also encompass more than a simple alleged taking of property. State law under NJ Rev. Stat. § 2C:20-7 also prohibits the knowing receipt of stolen property. Notably, the penalties are just as serious as for those who commit the theft itself.

The state’s shoplifting laws can punish people who merely take a step toward committing theft. For example, it is illegal to conceal an item in a store with the intention to steal it. A skilled attorney in Hackensack could provide more information about the specific theft charges in an individual’s case and explain their legal options.

Fighting Back Against Theft Allegations

Every theft case is a serious matter. At the very least, a conviction will result in a criminal record and the payment of a fine. Convictions also have the potential to affect a person’s employment, living situation, and freedom. As a result, it is essential to give oneself every possible advantage when facing theft charges.

How Can an Attorney Help?

A legal representative could perform an investigation into the charges and discover any helpful evidence. They can also evaluate the strength of the prosecutor’s case to determine if a reduction in the severity of the charges may be possible or whether a full trial is necessary to defend one’s rights.

A crucial concept in many theft cases is the idea of intent. Under state law, a prosecutor must prove that a defendant intended to commit the offense at hand. Because of this, an effective defense may involve contesting whether a defendant intended to take and keep the property from the original owner. For further information regarding intent in theft cases, it may be in a Hackensack resident’s best interests to reach out to a lawyer for assistance.

Let a Hackensack Theft Attorney Fight to Protect Your Future

Facing theft allegations can be an intimidating and daunting prospect. The fact is that even a case that alleges a simple theft for something of little value can have a profound impact on your life. You must act quickly to protect yourself.

A Hackensack theft lawyer may be able to help you. Our team can work to evaluate the prosecutor’s case, uncover any evidence that may work in your favor, and fight to protect your legal rights every step of the way. Reach out today.