Even before a sex crimes case gets to trial, public opinion may change against you, and restrictive restraining orders may go into effect. Even a relatively minor offense such as lewdness can bring substantial penalties.

If you are facing charges, a Hackensack sex crimes lawyer may be able to help you. Our criminal defense attorneys could help ensure you understand the nature of the charges against you and discover any evidence that may help to protect your future.

Examples of Sex Crimes in Hackensack

A person commits a sex crime if they offend the sexual sensibilities of another person or commit an act of sexual violence. As a result, there are numerous statutes under state law that prohibit a wide variety of activities.

At the most basic level, it is illegal to commit a fragrantly lewd act that would alarm or offend a reasonable person under New Jersey Revised Statute § 2C:14-4. Examples include exposing oneself in public or in front of a minor. Convictions can result in up to 18 months in prison.

Criminal Sexual Contact

Other allegations involve a level of violence or unwanted touching. Under N.J. Rev. Stat. § 2C:14-3, it is illegal to have any sexual contact with another person when that person is incapacitated due to physical force, threats of violence, or when the alleged victim is between 13 and 16. This is known as criminal sexual contact.

Sexual Assault Offenses

The most severe allegations are those involving apparent sexual assault. Sexual assault occurs when an individual commits an act of sexual penetration while the alleged victim is unable to consent. This lack of consent may be due to the alleged victim’s age or inability to resist. The most extreme versions of these cases carry a mandatory minimum prison term of 25 years with a maximum rising to life imprisonment. All sex-related crime convictions can escalate rapidly, so it is imperative to have a skilled attorney in Hackensack early on to fully understand the nature of the charges.

Defending People Facing Sex Crime Allegations

Every sex crime allegation is a serious matter. Of course, the potential prison sentences that can follow a conviction can be lengthy. However, courts also have the power to require a person to register as a sex offender or avoid all future contact with alleged victims, so it is essential to promote an effective defense from day one.

A lawyer in Hackensack familiar with sex crime cases may be able to provide this defense. A legal representative could thoroughly investigate the incident and evaluate the police work that led to the State’s acquisition of evidence. They could challenge the legality of this evidence before trial and present arguments that may include consent between two adults or that question whether a sexual encounter ever took place.

Contact a Hackensack Sex Crimes Attorney Immediately to Protect Yourself

Sex crime cases require you to act swiftly to protect your liberties and future. Immediately after an arrest, police may try to extract a confession or obtain other evidence. Having our team by your side during every stage of the process can help to protect your rights and limit any damaging evidence.

Reach out to a Hackensack sex crime lawyer now. Our office is ready to protect your legal rights while working to discover evidence that creates reasonable doubt concerning the prosecutor’s case.