An allegation involving prostitution can quickly damage your reputation and future. For instance, even a first offense can result in a significant fine, the loss of a driver’s license, and the creation of a criminal record. Subsequent convictions or offenses related to prostitution can bring even more severe penalties that are likely to result in jail time.

It is vital that you be prepared to offer a potent defense to any allegations, and a Hackensack prostitution lawyer could help you do so every step of the way. They can explain the state’s prostitution laws and why the arrest occurred. A skilled defense attorney could also evaluate the prosecution’s case and provide evidence in a fight to protect your freedom.

Prostitution Laws and the Behaviors that May Result in an Arrest

According to New Jersey Revised Statute § 2C:34-1, the traditional act of having sex for money is prohibited. However, the law also forbids a collection of other acts that are related to prostitution.

Perhaps most important is that an offer to engage in prostitution is illegal. Under the law, merely arranging to participate in sexual acts for money is just as illegal as participating in the event. Similarly, sexual intercourse does not need to occur for a conviction to result. Instead, any offer of sexual contact in exchange for anything of value violates the state’s prostitution laws.

State statutes also cover actions related to prostitution. For example, it prohibits patronizing a prostitute or compelling another person to participate in the activity. A dedicated attorney in Hackensack could help individuals regardless of the exact behavior that resulted in a prostitution-related arrest.

What are the Potential Consequences for a Prostitution Conviction?

Factors such as a prior history of prostitution and the defendant’s specific actions determine the severity of a conviction penalty. For instance, a first conviction for participating in prostitution is a disorderly persons offense, where the case can result in a fine of up to $1000 and six months in jail.

However, other allegations can be much more serious. A person who visits another to engage in prostitution will lose their driver’s license for six months after conviction. Further, a person who compels another to participate in these acts faces a conviction for a crime in the third degree at the very least. This means that a case can result in a prison sentence of up to five years with a presumption of four years in jail.

In every instance, a conviction for a prostitution-related offense will create a criminal record. This can make it difficult to obtain employment, government benefits, or a place to live. To avoid the harshest of penalties related to prostitution, it is important to have a lawyer in Hackensack who can help build a defense that aims to avoid these consequences.

Reach Out to a Hackensack Prostitution Attorney Now

Every allegation of criminal activity is a serious matter, and prostitution cases are no exception. Even a first conviction can require you to pay a fine, spend time in jail, or lose your driver’s license. Fighting to avoid these consequences requires you to act to protect yourself at the earliest opportunity.

A Hackensack prostitution lawyer could help to do this by explaining the state’s laws, evaluating the prosecution’s case, and developing a defense that meets your specific circumstances. Whether you are looking to enter into a plea deal to bring the case to a quick and fair conclusion, or you want to fight the charges at trial, our team is available to help.