Prosecutors aggressively pursue charges of child endangerment in Hackensack. Endangering the welfare of a child can lead to severe consequences like jail time and fines. If you are facing these allegations, a dedicated domestic violence attorney could help you fight back against these charges and avoid those consequences.

These cases often stem from misunderstandings, as police frequently make arrests before they know all the facts. However, you have the right to a legal defense and could protect your rights by entrusting your case to a Hackensack child endangerment lawyer.

Examples of Child Endangerment

Numerous actions qualify as child endangerment under state law. A common example involves intentionally causing physical injuries. Intentional infliction of physical injuries can include anything from kicking or hitting a child to shoving them to the ground or down a flight of stairs.

Other forms of endangerment involve risky behavior in the presence of a child. Some examples could include driving while intoxicated with a child in the car or manufacturing a controlled substance in front of the child.

Further, child endangerment also involves performing sexual acts with a minor. There would be additional penalties for this type of child endangerment offense, specifically if the accused were charged with the care of the minor at the time.

Neglect is Also Considered Endangerment

Although some might be unaware, neglect also qualifies as child endangerment. The failure to provide necessary care like water, food, or medicine could result in child endangerment charges without the help and guidance of legal counsel. An experienced attorney in Hackensack could help push back on any child endangerment charges related to allegations of neglect to protect the rights of the accused.

Potential Penalties for Endangering the Welfare of a Child

The penalties for a child endangerment conviction can vary depending on the circumstances. There are two different degrees of child endangerment charges, and each of them carries different potential penalties. Additionally, legislation known as Megan’s Law brings additional penalties when the endangerment is sexual in nature.

These penalties can potentially reshape a person’s life, but it is important to remember that these penalties only go into effect upon a conviction. A person who wins at trial or sees their charges dismissed can avoid these consequences entirely—but they should not attempt to do so alone. Instead, a dedicated and understanding lawyer could help pursue a favorable outcome in a Hackensack child endangerment case.

Degrees of Child Endangerment

The degree of a child endangerment offense determines the penalty range upon conviction, and the penalties that come with each widely vary. For instance, while a second-degree offense could carry up to 10 years in prison and a $150,000 fine, a third-degree offense brings at most five years in prison and a fine not to exceed $15,000.

Megan’s Law

In addition to the standard penalties, Megan’s Law can also require a person convicted of endangering the welfare of a child to register as a sex offender. This is necessary when the defendant was allegedly involved in sexual conduct that debauches a child’s morals. These cases can be challenging to face alone, but a local lawyer familiar and experienced with the legal system could help an individual through the process.

Call a Hackensack Child Endangerment Attorney Immediately

If you are facing allegations of child endangerment, it is crucial that you develop a sound defense strategy right away. The penalties of a conviction are steep and have the potential to follow you for the rest of your life.

Serving as your own attorney could put you at a severe disadvantage in court. Call to learn how a Hackensack child endangerment lawyer could help. Our team is standing by.